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At Hesperus Indosec, we provide the opportunities, challenges and support to live the future of your work now. Explore where we work, how we work and the opportunities that await you.

Businesses trust Hesperus Indosec to maximize their technology investment because they know our people get it. We deliver. And not just product. We deliver solutions. We build technology work. We build people a lot of productive… communication, easier… data, safer.
We are looking for candidates who win customers because their expertise and dedication which in turn lowers total cost of their IT Support. In those rare times, when your customer’s infrastructure becomes non-functional, your customer satisfaction drops dramatically and often damage can be devastating. Your customer only cares about their higher Total Cost of Aggravation. Much of this is avoidable and outstanding IT professional support is the key to retaining customers. We are looking for that critical combination of desire, expertise, tenacity and dedication to your profession and people skills to synergistically combine to provide this service.

  • Experience and reliability: means ‘been there, done that’. Customers are not used for experiments. We need proven experience and clarity of service goals. 
  • Information and reporting: This is not about nice to know. Its critical information to help monitor the health of the business and customer well being. Accurate and complete documentation are critical and our customers should be 
  • able to easily access all their support information and infrastructure layouts.
    Availability: Our customers come first, dedication to the IT profession means if our customer is down, we are on-site and available for them.                                 
  • Variable costs: Focus on lowering the overall cost of your     customer by constantly looking for ways to help customers, even if that means reducing service. Unrelenting commitment to reducing investments and saving costs.
  • People: Our people are dedicated to customer satisfaction. That is our main goal and there is no better customer than one who thanks you every time you are there. Before leaving an on-site or phone conversation, checking in with the point of contact to ensure honest and open communication.

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