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Certified Security Analyst

An Introduction to the Advanced Penetration Information Security:

Advanced Penetration Testing and Security Analysis: This program introduces us to the intricacies of The hacking tools and technologies. It teaches the Information Security Professionals to traverse beyond Merely running the tools, to practically provide the Countermeasures, detection and protection measures For the vulnerabilities that they locate using the Available tools. This course about Security Analysis Gives you a applied as well as legal perspective of Designing, securing and testing the network Architecture to make it impermeable for the external Malicious crackers and hackers. Most interesting part of The program is where they learn how to eliminate the Risks altogether, with the courseware providing a bird-Eye’s view of the networking environment.

Whats New in ECSA V10

ECSA Pen test Course – Skills Based Competency
The ECSAV9 penetration testing course is designed to enhance the skills based competency of a  penetration tester. This course is intensively hands-on and a tremendous amount of emphasis is placed on the practical competency of the student.