Safeguard your websites from modern cyber threats

Completely safeguard your website, reputation, and users against cyberattacks.

Protect against cyber threats with TrustHes

Virtual Patching & Hardening

Application Profiling

Block DDoS Attacks

IP Allowlisting

Application Profiling

Web Application Firewall

Reduce false positives with TrustHes Web Application Firewall

Web Application and API Protection

Protect against all OWASP top ten threats, zero-day assaults, data leaks, and DDoS attacks. The multilayer traffic processing engine and Smart Signatures use fewer attack signatures to detect and block web assaults, including zero-day threats.

Application Profiling

Each site has its own CMS, server software, and other specialized technologies in its stack. We examine all traffic requests and block those that do not suit your web application's profile.

DDoS Protection

Our web application firewall (WAF) will keep you online. Patch vulnerabilities and prevent threats with our WAF's intrusion prevention system. Protect from application DDoS attacks via a range of risk evaluation methods, including application-centric thresholds, protocol checks, session integrity, active and passive client challenges, historical client reputation block lists, geolocation, and abnormal idle-time tracking.

Signature Detection

All HTTP and HTTPS web traffic is examined before it reaches your server. We use algorithmic and signature-based strategies to block harmful requests and patterns of attack.

Protected Pages

Enabling the Protected Page feature adds an extra layer of protection to critical pages. Add passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA (via Google Authenticator), or IP authorization.

Malware Protection and Anti-Virus

TrustHes Modern Threat Protection is seamlessly integrated to provide security against advanced threats. Simply add TrustHes Advanced Threat Protection to TrustHes WAF to protect against advanced zero-hour threats.