Google Is Tracking You. Here’s What It Sees.

Personal data is the currency of the modern internet. Social media platforms, search engines, e-commerce businesses and websites of concerning any stripe – most collect your data to tailor the information they show to you or facilitate advertisers target their messages. we might pay no direct fee for the often free-to-use conveniences offered by internet services, however, create no mistake: there’s terribly megabucks during this data.

Perhaps no company contains a deeper level of access to our personal data than Google. The Google search engine, that for several could be a purpose of entry to the web, could be a dominant force. whenever you utilize it to look up information, Google logs that information in your personal profile. Over time, your searches modification the ads and information you see as you navigate the web.

You may be surprised to know simply how much Google is aware of concerning you. however if you wish a more robust read of that information, you’ll be able to use Google itself. Head to the Activity Controls section of your Google account, and you’ll start to get the picture.

To personalize your experience on the web and your devices, Google tracks information in the following categories:

  • Web & App Activity: All of your activity on Chrome, Google Search and Google apps.
  • Location History: Information on where you’ve been, largely gathered from mobile devices.
  • Device Information: Data on devices you’ve connected to your Google account.
  • Voice & Audio Activity: If you use Google Voice Assistant, the commands you give that application are stored in this area.
  • YouTube Search History and Watch History: Everything you watch and search for on the YouTube platform personalizes your experience on the app and outside of it.

You do have some level of control about how your data is used across of these information sorts. However, in several cases, this doesn’t mean that Google can stop collection information concerning you. however at the very least, if you recognize what information you supply Google while using its services, you’ll be aware of wherever that data goes and to require the suitable precautions.