Selling on the Dark Web: Tools to Hack Your Organization

Hackers use advanced tools for stealing login credentials, harvesting information from clients and injecting malware. These tools, however, have been frighteningly simple to access for cyber criminals despite their ingenuity–even those with restricted hacking abilities and restricted access to resources. Visit the dark web, and for as little as a few dollars you will find full-scale, packaged methods of attack on sale.

Mike McGuire, a senior lecturer of criminology at the University of Surrey in England, and Bromium, a Cybersecurity trafficker, recently reviewed many notorious marketplaces for hacking tools on the dark web. though enforcement typically cracks down on many hotbeds for illicit activity – primarily marketplaces for illegal medicine – these researchers have discovered that sites distributing malware merchandise and stolen data remain operational.

McGuire and his analysis partners uncovered more than sixty vendors giving stolen credentials, providing access to multiple business networks. companies within the financial services trade screw-topped the list of most frequent targets, at 34%. Organizations in e-commerce (20%), healthcare (12%) and education (10%) followed. Intercepted communications and trade secrets also appeared among the listings of data offered on the darknet.

Researchers discovered products to bypass firewalls and gap remote links to corporate systems among the structured malware product available. Additionally, Cybercriminals-for-hire appeared in the listings for those who want to launch an assault. The value ranged from $1,000 to $15,000 for these facilities.

That said, bargain hunters may notice “stolen take away access credentials that are for sale for as very little as $2,” McGuire aforesaid in a very statement.

Essentially, the McGuire / Bromium study shows that those who want to concentrate on organizations in cybercrime assaults still have access to the facilities, instruments and data they have prepared (and typically inexpensive).